At a moment’s glance Niia may seem like an unfamiliar face but with a little digging one will quickly realize that Niia Bertino is anything but new to the industry. Seasoned with a rich history in jazz music, and featured vocals on Wyclef Jean’s Billboard-charting single “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)”, Niia has spent the majority of her early twenties out of the limelight. Quietly honing her craft in the shadows of New York City, Niia’s debut extended play effort entitled, ‘Generation Blue’, will re-frame the burgeoning artist’s position in an often diluted music scene. In anticipation of her debut EP, Niia joined forces with The Range to rework her disco-flavored original, “David’s House”. Opening quietly with a stripped down composition of piano chords, Niia’s poignant vocals sit front and center, driving the development of the record. Twinkling chords blossom into a sturdier pulsing beat and airy synths swirl in the backdrop before deftly bowing down to shift the focus back to Niia. The Range’s rework of ‘David’s House’ is available to stream now, so listen to the track below and check out the music video here.