It looks like the Fox has a new tune that rocks. One of the most unique musicians of electronic dance music has been pumping out music like a non-stop, banger-making factory. With two genre-bending EPs and two fantastic remixes, Fox Stevenson has been flexing the limits of his creative muscle like a mad man this year. Now the dubstep, drum and bass, glitch-hop, electro house producer/vocalist has a new song out on the SPRS label that takes the different approach from previous tracks.

His latest release, known as “Sweets” (Soda Pop)”, is a bouncy, vibrant fusion of the best of progressive house and electro house. Unlike many of Fox’s tracks, this song does not hold a shred of vocals from the man himself. However, this song stands well on its own two feet as it is with booming kicks and exhilarating energy. If this is your first listen to a Fox Stevenson song, then trust me that it will not be your last.

Beatport link: Fox Stevenson – “Sweets (Soda Pop)” [SPRS]