Last week, Your EDM ran a community poll to find out the best label in the EDM industry. After 7500 votes, our poll has concluded with a top five list of epic proportions.

The labels featured below represent the voted favorites from peers, fans, and the community:


-The brain child of bass legend, Skrillex.

2. Monstercat

-The YouTube-born “next big thing” where demographic doesn’t matter for their artists or audience.

3. Spinnin’ Records

-The power house label bringing you the biggest in big room and the deepest in deep house.

4. Revealed Recordings

Hardwell‘s progressive label that incorporates some of the best marketing in the scene.

5. Size Records

-A decade of talented artists and incredible progressive house, courtesy of Steve Angello.


Each label is renowned for releasing quality music from a range of talented artists and for setting the bar very high in the electronic music community. We encourage you to explore their rosters and recent releases through the links above.

Thank you for your participation!