After teasing on Twitter, Kaskade is ready for the world to hear his new remix of GalantisRunaway (U & I) and Your EDM is proud to present the official premiere of this sensational remix! In Kaskade‘s remixes, such as his rework of Lana Del Rey‘s Young & Beautiful, he flawlessly excels at adding an energetic and passionate flair while maintaining and honoring the essence of the original.

Although Kaskade admitted that he finds it difficult remixing such an impeccable track, he did a great job adding that extra “oomph” he was aiming for.

In his remix, Kaskade injects a prominent kick throughout to add a harder appeal to the already energetic original. It is clear that Kaskade was a fan of the record;  his remix of Runaway (U & I) doesn’t stray too far from the original, yet it still has that classic Kaskadian sound of powerful and passionate energy that is sure to appease the ears of fans everywhere. Its merciless original lyrics combined with Kaskade‘s relentless, hard-hitting melody will make fans feel alive as they close their eyes, dance around, and get lost in the music.

Galantis – Runaway (U & I) [Kaskade remix] will be available via Big Beat Records on October 27th!