After the stunning return of Klaypex with their third album Anything Goes, I was extremely curious to see what they would be coming out with next. Anything Goes formed a stark contrast to their sophomore album, Ready To Go, which effectively wiped the slate clean. At this point, no one had any idea what direction they would be taking in the future. I talked to a couple of the members and they had a lot of brilliant ideas — though, they didn’t let me in on this.

As just a track, I would give “Brains” about a B-. It’s good but not terribly creative or inventive. Then again, when you watch it with the lyric video, it becomes immensely enjoyable. Many people are comparing the video to Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood,” but it’s really not. The art direction and plot are completely separate, and do a great job of painting a vivid picture behind the music.

The blend of analog instruments, hip hop and traditional vocals (courtesy of Kings High), and electronic elements makes for an extremely engaging and overall pleasant listening experience. If this is the route that Klaypex are beginning to take, I say “Keep at it.” This is a very refreshing take on dubstep that you won’t find from many other producers. The guys are currently working on their fourth album.

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