About time! One of the most memorable tunes from Joel Zimmerman (a.k.a. Deadmau5) was a track called “The Reward Is Cheese” that came out about seven years ago. Now, this progressive house track gets three face-lifts from Tujamo, Fehrplay, and Nom De Strip that stretch the original into completely different directions. I would like to make a note that each of these songs leave the classic wobble-sound of the original version in a variety of ways that you may or may not expect as you listen to each remix.

The first remix comes from Germany’s rising star Tujamo, who is most well known for his collaboration “Boneless” with Steve Aoki and Chris Lake. Much like “Boneless” and other originals from him like “Dr. Who!” and “Hey Mister!”, this remix has the deep horns that create his fantastic house vibe. Unlike those songs, this remix is relatively more tame than those in emphasizing the horns. However, they remain a major strength to the drop alongside the two triplet-notes that follow each time the horns blare.

To follow this remix is another from London producer and mau5trap artist Fehrplay. In PrydzOlander-progressive house fashion, Fehrplay delivers the same wobble effect exclusively for the builds before each drop while making the remix’s focus on the beautiful melody and the relaxing tempo. If you are looking for a more laid back version of “The Reward Is Cheese”, then this remix is for you.

The final remix is the shortest of the three and, arguably, the best of them all. Los Angeles electro house maniac Nom De Strip. Strays from the other remixes that only use parts of the stems of the original to help their remixes by completely embedding the classic sound of the original into builds and drops alike. However, to keep himself from making the remix completely dependent on the original’s drop, he adds a special second drop right after the first that sounds totally distinct from the first. He gives the original the most energizing spin and the most engaging sounds that can be loved by fans of electrified music such as this remix.

Although, this is one of those remix EPs that would have sounded very different if it came out when the original came out back in 2007, many can agree that the ones we have in this EP are fantastic in their own way. Grab whichever ones you want from Beatport and let us know what you think.

Beatport link: Deadmau5 – The Reward Is Cheese (Remixes) [Rising Music]