Jersey boy Gazzo has built a reputation as a more than capable remix talent. Which is pretty great, because my first introduction to Tegan and Sara‘s “I Was A Fool” was non other than the Gazzo remix. As someone who’s lukewarm at best towards anything T&S, I can safely say that I probably won’t be looking up the original. My apologies.

Gazzo’s track is a pleasantly simple melodic piece that wears the label progressive house well. To be fair, the song is reminiscent of Tiesto’s Feel It In My Bones and there are some similarities: its got Tegan, its got Sara… and it’s electronic. While Gazzo, has made a good track around the vocals, they are by no mean the stand out feature on this tune. The simple progressive melody and its occasional glitchy fills shine together. The break-beat portion is quite cool and made me forget that I was sitting through a T&S remix. That should be a fine indication of Gazzo’s prowess. The dude actually remixed the cynic right out of me. Peep the tune below!


Tegan & Sara – I Was A Fool (Gazzo Remix)