Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the DJ and producers here in our scene that have come for the love of the music, versus the ones that have risen up the totem pole of success based upon the mere fame and monetary value it can return. Now I wouldn’t say that deciphering between the two has put the EDM culture into a, “pivotal time”, as dance music has never been more alive, but it sure is a trying time for those DJs and producers out there looking to build a name and/ or a brand for themselves. In general terms, will your favorite DJ as of now remain for the long run and possibly contribute to a trend of the future? Or will they deliver, with great force, a “banger” or two that climbs the billboard charts and then bounces them out of the limelight entirely? One things for sure, you can tell for the most part, who’s here to party and who is here to impact the community.

One man that has just hit the tabloids for his, “future concept” of nightlife in Las Vegas, Steve Angello, seems to be on to something. His formed partnership with SLS has enabled the two to play off of each others brand and exclusively present his residency performance in LiFE Nightclub at SLS Las Vegas with new visually interactive performance that has been coined, “Reflections”.

With no real insider information as to what the interactive performance will entail, it will supposedly intertwine nightLiFE and dayLiFE into “one multi-level venue” that focuses on delivering an innovative and sense-engaging atmosphere for attendees. Steve commented on the announcement stating that he has been scouting for the perfect venue that focuses on the guest experience over the “money making”. He goes on to say that, “SLS and LiFE have the perfect venue with the most important aspects of a real club experience – the sound and visuals. It’s important to cater to the music we are playing and therefore they won!”

Reflections will commence on Saturday November 22nd. Stay tuned for following news.

-Chris W-