In June Your EDM premiered “Tell Me” from TRONA, who returns now with a Remixes EP of the very same track. Along with the original, which features Adra Boo, came a remix from Jakzon, who’s edit was re-released on this current project. The new material, aside from an acapella for producers to use to create their own remixes, comes two deep edits from Jeromy Nail. One of them just goes a little deeper than the other, but both are solid productions. TRONA decided to turn out a VIP mix of the single as well, which resulted in some lovely drum & bass action. That just happens to be my favorite flip, but yours may differ. Hell, a favorite may come down the line when someone else decides to remix “Tell Me.” For now, we have these four tunes that you can listen to below. If you dig, snag a copy.

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