If anyone caught Getter’s set at Shambhala this year, you were subjected to a cruel, cruel prank.

Needless to say, Getter got his point across. It’s not about the 4×4 beats at The Village. Only the sickest, filthiest producers make it to the hallowed ground each year and Getter put on quite the show. The opening track to his set is titled “Dubstep Is Dead,” and it’s being released as part of his Inner Workings EP dropping via Firepower Records on December 9th. Aside from the obvious big room troll in the “intro,” the track itself is nothing less than we’ve come to expect from one of the producers hand-picked by Datsik for his label. Aside from the usual dubstep and “sick wobs m8,” the latter half has a particularly tasty hard house breakdown. (I could have done without the second faux-drop, but in terms of playing this out at shows and choosing which drop you want to go with, I can see the utility in it.)

Pre-order the Inner Workings EP from iTunes HERE and be prepared for its release on 12/9.