For a very long time, Vaski was interchangeable with “dirty electro” and “heavy dubstep.” However, if you have been paying attention, and listened to his latest EP, Weightless, then you’ve probably seen some pretty stark changes. Even the Explorer EP from earlier this year was a step away from Hurricane or World On Fire. Though change is often scary and unpredictable, I find myself welcoming this new side of Vaski with open arms.

Weightless was a phenomenal EP that showcased a variety of emerging styles and influences from this past year, but this particular remix of George Maple’s “Talk Talk” is just a masterclass in minimal sound design. The original was already an indie hit with great atmosphere and vocals, but Vaski “futurized” it and minimized any extraneous elements, leaving just the melody. In some parts of the mix, you can barely even hear any bass. And yet, the short and subtle synths carry the track from start to finish with relative ease. Part of the charm of the minimalist design is that, at least in my mind, there’s less to get tired of. Sometimes in electrohouse or dubstep, I can become overwhelmed by the myriad harsh and dissonant sounds, but I have probably listened to this remix nearly two dozen times now and it hasn’t gotten old at all. In fact, I find myself becoming more and more enamored with it.

I can understand if this isn’t your type of music, it’s not for everyone. But whether you’re just discovering future minimal or whatever the f**k you want to call it, or you’re a long-time listener, this remix will no doubt end up at the top of your play count before too long.