We all know by now that festival trap takes big room tunes, throws them in the trap, and watches the whole thing burn to the ground. Welcome to ATL where festival trap gets dropped in the club along with everything else under the sun. Which is where the ATL players play. Down in the dirty south, the motherland of the trap, in every sense of the definition of that word except its original. Although you may visit and never leave Atlanta is what I’m told.

It’s a trap, they said. Look out, you in the trap now, they said.

Trapped out in the south is a label whose logo bears an upside down F. Everyone has their own codes that no one else can decipher, especially deep in the dirty south. Even trvp musik can be made to look different with some minor alterations. Similarly so, the home of trap music fares well to explore its subgenres, as they have, and they are usually very good at it. It is never to late to start prepping for next season, Counterpoint and TomorrowWorld, even Buku in NOLA, here are some big sounds to add to your festival prep playlists. You can download this one for free, so do it. Then close your eyes and let the Ellery Gordon take you away with his festival trap remix of Ummet Ozcan’s, “Raise Your Hands,” so raise them.

It is a trap. A festival trap, baby.

*confetti goes pop*