There are probably better people to review Vicetone, those who are more into the genre or who know more about their epic two year history since first releasing on Monstercat. Regardless, I can’t help but lend my voice to this amazing track because I can probably jam out to this all day.

Between the juicy guitar chords and the absolutely stunning vocals from D. Brown, there is really no wasted ingredient in this recipe. From the very beginning, the repetitive groove and warped kicks just play back-up to Brown’s vocals which shine in harmonic bliss. I’ve always maintained that vocals are like a hidden instrument and Brown nails that in this prog house anthem. The drop is just another delicious element that draws power from one of the happiest chord progressions I’ve ever heard, and the perfect synths to go along with it. The progression is exciting. The mainstage potential on this track is limitless.

Grab it now on iTunes.