As of last week, Instagram has announced that it will be removing accounts that don’t follow its Community Guidelines, which includes fake and spam accounts. The Instagram “cleanse” means that a lot of high-profile accounts will see a sharp decrease in their followers. The deleted accounts could be due to bots that automatically follow or like based on hashtags in posts, as well as fake accounts that may have been used to boost a user’s follower base. The upside is that Instagram will now provide a more authentic experience, with genuine likes, comments and follows for its users.


Here are some Instagram follower losses for some of the top EDM artists as of December 18 (stats are from Socialblade):

Skrillex: -92,119
Deadmau5: -72,205
Tiesto: -45,904
Diplo: -37,808
Calvin Harris: -53,459
Avicii: -37,037
Martin Garrix: -29,888
Hardwell: -84,507
David Guetta: -57,351
Nicky Romero: -20,948
Steve Aoki: -60,624

For the stats on Instagram’s top 100 most popular accounts, go here.