Welcome to another edition of Your EDM‘s coveted Tech Selections! This week, we’ll be featuring some POUNDING, peak time tracks from the realms of Tech House and Techno with artists such as Mikael Jonasson and Sidney Charles. Read on below to check out our personal choices of the week!



1. Mark Knight & Funkagenda- Shogun (Jimpster Remix) [Toolroom Records]

To kick things off this week, we have the massive Jimpster remix to Mark Knight & Funkagenda‘s iconic collaborative single, Shogun, and its brilliant infusion of Deep House and Tech House clearly was leagues ahead of its own time. There are certainly heavy influences of Future House infused within this track, and yet, this remix was released back in 2008, (which shows the visionary prowess of Jimpster as a trendsetting artist). Within the murky, yet funky basslines, furious, yet grooving percussions continue to churn along the bubbly groove of these grand masters of Dance Music.




2. Astin- Dejected (Sidney Charles Remix) [SNATCH!]

Sidney Charles has always been synonymous with reconstructing the classic Chicago warehouse sound and this remix is no different with its chunky rhythms and deep, underground personality. Basskicks are the name of the game in this reinterpretation to Astin‘s Dejected, as booming, pulsating kicks are the mainstay of the track underneath a dubby bassline and a crunchy percussion section. The added vocals add a bit of soul to the mix and the all around raw, uncut feel of the mix adds a certain grimey feel that actually makes the track shine with dark, vibrant colors.




3. Vidaloca & Piem- Aphrodite (Original Mix) [Agile Recordings]

As part of the fifth compilation behind the esteemed Agility series, Tech House turned Techno legend Uto Karem has dug up a brand new find in the form of the powerhouse duo of Vidaloca and Piem. While highly unknown to the governing world, their single of Aphrodite has everything you could want in a Tech House treat: grumbly basslines, grooving drive and a Tribal infused percussion for extra groove and power to the mix. Perfect for turning up the heat in any warm up set, Aphrodite is certainly a hidden gem in the rough for your collection.




4. Mikael Jonasson- Indigo (Original Mix) [Octopus Black Recordings]

I’ve always been a personal fan of Sian‘s Octopus Recordings for their consistent work in bringing huge Techno works to smack us in the face with, and long time Techno hero Mikael Jonasson does not disappoint with his brutal single of Indigo. I have a certain affinity for slapping, rolling basslines, and this single is chock full of punching goodness that sticks out from the regular norm of Techno releases. The added use of repeated, bratty synth stabs and industrial clinks and clanks add an atmosphere that is both obscenely robust and deliciously dark and mysterious.




5. Joe Mesmar- Lazers (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch]

HUGE TECHNO CHOON HERE! Joe Mesmar has truly outdone himself with his original mix of Lazers and, (true to the name of the track), this piece is filled to the brim with laser goodness. The bassline itself is comprised of a deadly soundbank that shoots off like ray beams, yet still fits in line within the Naked Lunch mantra. From beginning to end, this is a track that is high octane fun while remaining serious within its ferocious basslines.




6. The Advent- Need House (Sasha Carassi Remix) [H-Productions]

While heading face first into the deeper end of EDM, Techno master Sasha Carassi still manages to keep things tough with his remix of Need House by the almighty The Advent. The Advent is well known for his productions with Industrialyzer and is oft known as one of the originators of the current Techno sound today. Last year, he released a follow up solo album entitled Sonic Intervention Remixed, which featured all kinds of jacking Techno, but this particular remix combines many different styles and translates them into a seriously raging good time.



Thank you once again for joining us for a stellar edition of Tech Selections! Tune in next week as we take things in a decidedly Tribal selection to shake things up a bit. Until next time!


Keep the music alive. -Q


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