Welcome to another installment of our championed Tech Selections! This week we are heading towards the unorthodox and uncanny as we take a look at artists such as KANT, Dataworx, Quivver and more. Read on to get your weekly fix of hand picked Tech House and Techno gems to kick off your Saturday night.



1. KANT-Wait (Original Mix) [Dear Deer]

I’ve been a HUGE fan of KANT over the past year and his storming brand of curated Deep House sounds is a sure fire way to kick off any show with a subtle sexy edge to it. In his Original Mix of Wait, he combines Deep House grooves with just the right touch of Tech elements in order to create the perfect balance between anticipated bounciness and slow, yet confident rhythm implementations. The added use of vocals chiefly add to the sexiness of this track and the low end adds just a touch of self assertiveness in order to keep this track in line.




2. SEFF- Breakin’ (Original Mix) [Sanity]

This little number is a thick sliced Tech House choon that is steeply layered in deep, chunky grooves, and its full blown dedication to preserving the originality of classic Chicago rhythms only adds to its rugged charm. Featuring vintage vocals and a particularly dirty bassline that warbles within a particularly greasy context, Breakin’s raw, jagged design seeks to break up the norm and deliver a pounding, pulsating vibe that is hard to beat.




3. Miguel Bastida- Moudness (Original Mix) [Be One Records]

Miguel is well known for his blocky, grinding tunes, and Moudness is a clear representation of the clear cut grooves that this producer can clearly accomplish. I love his productions because he is able to keep a simplistic rhythm nice and interesting with the inclusions of radical vocals, crunchy basslines and weird, yet jiving timbres to shake things up from the stiff competition. Each measure brings something new to the equation and if you obsess with the details of a track as much as I do, then you will surely fall love with this massive track.




4. Monaque- DOS3000 (Quivver Remix) [microCastle]

While most known for his Deep Progressive selections, underground talent Quivver is no stranger to Techno infused music, and his stellar remix to Monaque‘s DOS3000 shows a stranger side to his music that strives to locate the forgotten world of hidden sounds and textures. This remix is RAW to a T and its thick slabbed phrases add onto its unusual sound bank while its hidden desires explore the true unknown of Dance Music. This is seriously a great, forward thinking track.




5. Dataworx- Fearless (Spartaque Remix) [IAMT]

Featured on his personal label of I AM TECHNO, one of the aged kings of Techno puts his unique spin on a stellar single by Dataworx. Spartaque has been a long time favorite of many Techno advocates, as well as other prominent Trance artists such as Bryan Kearney and Simon Patterson, and his incredible tastes in delicious Techno beats only detail his lifelong legacy. In this remix, rolling basslines collide head on with a fury of various retro sounds for a decidedly old school feel with just a touch of modern implementations.




6. Volto- Trepanation (Tesla Unstoppable Remix) [iNlab Underground]

Prepare yourself, because this little Techno stormer is deadly when placed in the right hands. While we focus on coarse, rhythmic beats and and blaring, industrial sounds in our Tech Selections series, Techno is an all encompassing genre that spreads throughout many styles and interpretations. With a ruthless bassline that is both nasty and wickedly evil, the collapsing sounds of decadent colors and flavors add a beautifully rich layer of atmospheric might that both elevates this track as a whole as well as adds some subversive flair upon each of the track’s surreal passages.




Thank you once again for tuning into another stellar edition of Tech Selections! Tune in next week for another shot of your much needed Tech House and Techno gems here on Your EDM!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Welcome to Tech Selections! This feature will be a special series from Andrew Quigley that’s purely dedicated to the underground of EDM. Every Friday, we will hand pick some of the latest releases from quality labels and relive some of the world’s hottest, underground tunes. Our goal is to share a diverse collection of talents and sounds from the past and the present to discover new and exciting music for you.