Welcome to another week of funky fueled Tech House and dark, brooding Techno with our special Tech Selections series! This week, we start off nice and deep before moving into some classic Tech House and a particularly brutal outing by Luigi Rocca before strapping on our mud boots and wading through murky Techno picks by artists such as Jay Lumen and Locomatica. Read on to discover this week’s top choices; hand picked just for you!



1. Nouskynousk- Waz That (JR From Dallas Deep Mix) [Gourmand Music Recordings]

Ever since I heard a super decadent, (and super chunky), guest mix on Bonzai Progressive‘s Basik Beats radio show, I was instantly hooked to JR From Dallas‘ old school sounding rhythms and super tight percussions. His productions definitely have a retro vibe to them, and yet, they are also innovative in their own implementations as past beats cleverly collide with current ideologies. This remix of Nouskynousk‘s Waz That is a bit different from his usual affairs as it’ s a richly deeper interpretation of his original sound; but make no mistake; it’s definitely a no nonsense chugger to shake your tail at.




2. Ellroy- Battle (Original Mix) [ID Music Records]

It’s no secret that the majority of Tech house has been constantly rubbing shoulders with its Techno cousins, and even in our own Tech Selections series, many of our ‘Tech House’ selections contain ample amounts of Techno rhythms infused within its own inner machinations. However, Canadian producer Ellroy is determined to bring back the soul of Tech House with singles such as his groovy single of Battle, which focuses on Tribal rhythms and gripping orchestration to constantly keep things con moving on the dance floor.




3. Luigi Rocca- Remurdered (Original Mix) [303 Lovers]

Both Luigi Rocca and Manuel de la Mare, (who are the core originators of 303 Lovers), have been going through a msucial transformation from refined Tech House connoisseurs to mustache twirling Deep House/Techno gurus with a slight hint of Tech House groove, and this new outing entitled Remurdered from Luigi is MASSIVE in its own regard. Featuring a dank as hell bassline and plenty of Techno sounds to chaotically bounce off the walls with, this subtle combination of Deep meets Techno styles is more than enough to make you move your feet. Definitely check this choon out.




4. Jay Lumen- Flawless River (Original Mix) [OFF Spin]

Much like Luigi Rocca and Manuel de la Mare, Jay Lumen himself has been steadily removing himself away from his original Tech House sound, but rather than head towards Deep House, he has been steeply entrenched within Techno with incredible collaborations with Sasha Carassi and Green Velvet, (to name a few). While most of his tracks are primarily chief Techno cuts, this single of Flawless River is quite an advanced work of his, as it does away with the usual industrial feel and places a highly unusual atmosphere that is both deep, yet exploratory with subtle hints of Progressive House from artists such as Carl Craig and Tim Penner.




5. Locomatica- Tempest (Original Mix) [LCMTC]

Currently one of my favorite Techno tracks at the moment, there are few artists who intrigue me more than the power duo that comprises of Locomatica, as their surprisingly surreal tracks are heavily supported by legends such as Adam Beyer, John Digweed, Alan Fitzpatrick and Cari Lekebusch, among countless others. Tempest is a part of their brand new extended EP off of their own label, LCMTC, and while the other tracks are fantastic on their own, there is just something so mysterious and haunting about Tempest that forces me to keep listening over and over again. Top track for sure.




6. Koen Groeneveld- Rudder (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom Records]

While the last two tracks have been a hypnotic and trippy voyage through the abyss and beyond, we leave you with a classic track from our favorite Dutch Techno hero, Koen Groeneveld. His tracks have been largely supported by many Techno DJ’s over the years, but surprisingly, he has also been supported by the likes of Markus Schulz, KhoMha, and Sander van Doorn for its full throttle appeal between mainstage talent and deep underground vibes. In his single of Rudder, lasers meet head on with gruesome Techno warbles in a funky, yet fresh reinterpretation of the classic Techno feel that purveys throughout many fantastic pieces.



Thanks once again for checking out this week’s Tech Selections! Tune in next week as we collect the best of the best to showcase for you to either enjoy or to utilize in your sets. Until next time!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Welcome to Tech Selections! This feature will be a special series from Andrew Quigley that’s purely dedicated to the underground of EDM. Every other Friday, we will hand pick some of the latest releases from quality labels and relive some of the world’s hottest, underground tunes. Our goal is to share a diverse collection of talents and sounds from the past and the present to discover new and exciting music for you.