Sandstorm is the greatest prolonged joke/bible/holy chronicle in all of dance music. For over 10 years Sandstorm has defined a small portion of the cliche part of EDM but now, it makes a fresh new appearance on the main stage.

DZ Deathrays, an Australian punk rock duo, recently took to Fall Festival to showcase their latest cover; Darude – Sandstorm. You could be having the worst set of your life, but drop Sandstorm, and the performance is considered salvage.

This year the track saw another great surge as it re-entered the charts this year which is the first time in 15 years. Whether you’re in on the joke or absolutely hate Sandstorm, the DZ Deathrays cover is a fun preview to see what the legendary track sounds like played on live instruments.

You can check it out below: (facebook posts takes a few seconds to load)



H/T: Inthemix