Tiesto, Steve Aoki and David Guetta are arguably the most iconic names in mainstream EDM. Their appeal to the commercialized demographic has allowed them to take their sounds to a massive audience that has not been achieved by more focused and niche DJs. One could say that these artists are the entry point into EDM, bringing new fans to the genre before they later diversify into more refined taste.

CNN sat down with these artist to talk to them about their “EDM Mission” and what got them into the genre. All 3 DJs played a role in the scene at the end of the “Disco Era” when modern dance music was just being born. When Disco died, clubs and venues were desperately searching for music to dance to, which saw the rise of the modern DJ.

Back then, we had special stations who played our music, but never on national radio” says Tiesto. “It was all underground

After the revolution had begun, the rest was history. The scene exploded in Europe ushering in a new era of dance music which say the scene switch from live performances to DJs. As the scene was growing, David Guetta saw it take shape with all the right ingredients for a healthy movement:

What I love about EDM is that the values are all positive.” David Guetta explains. “Its not just about the music, but also the experience

The video goes on to describe in depth the three DJs’ involvement in creating a global movement. You can check it out below:

Photo Credit: Rukes