Their CDJ 2000’s and legendary DJM mixer have become a staple in the dance music scene, and for good reasons; but now Pioneer is introducing the XDJ-RX, a system that replaces your bulky CDJs and your travel-ready controller in one fell swoop.

Running off of Rekordbox, the XDJ-RX can run as a standalone system via USB thanks to a sleek looking hi-res display. Because this display is a single display lying directly above the two channel mixer, the XDJ-RX caters to Serato fan boys with stack-able wave forms, a feat that no other competing controller can attest to.


On top of its standalone capabilities, this new Pioneer system can also serve as a midi controller for the die-hard controller-ists who desire the vast capabilities that various DJ programs lend you with the addition of a computer.

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. The additional functionality of this system as a two channel mixer can open up a wealth of new creative opportunities when conjoined with my Technic mkII’s, while still allowing me to practice and travel with a set-up very similar to the traditional CDJ standards. In short the potential is huge, and we can’t wait for its release in February for $1799 USD. In the meantime check out the Pioneer website for more information and the video preview below to see if this might be your next investment.