EDM and sunglasses go hand in hand. Whether you’re attending a day festival or a night show our scene can always find a reason to keep wearing their sunglasses. With the rise in popularity of this music we’ve also seen a concomitant rise in the popularity of rave shades; “So Hard For Hardwell”, “EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT”, diffraction glasses, or even just a cool pair of Wayfarer neon shades, you have to have sweet sunglasses.


Sydney’s Theory of Rave Shades


Girls, this theory is mostly for your benefit. ┬áIt has been tried and tested by seasoned female music festival professionals for years. Guys don’t want you to really be privy to this secret but, now that you know you can be properly prepared.

As girls we rarely actually notice when the nice guy hits on us. He’s kind of scared, shy, definitely afraid to talk to us and most definitely over thinking his words to the point where he just decides to not say a lot at all for fear of completely turning you off. Guys like this tend to not get our attention right away because there’s plenty of guys out there who choose an over-confident approach and say very obvious things to let you know they are interested. 9 times out of 10 it’s that nice, shy guy’s advances you’re not really noticing that you need to be noticing. 9/10 times he’s the guy who wants your attention for the right reasons. But Sydney, you just said it’s hard to spot this nice guy, so, how do I do it? He will do the work, you just have to be paying attention. This is where the rave shades come in. Within several minutes of being in your vicinity he will find a way to take your wild shades off of you and wear them. Mostly likely starting a conversation about where you got them during the process. He will continue to wear them until you ask for them back. Your brightly colored rave shades are like a blinking neon beacon in the sun of “this is the nice guy who actually likes me.” Now, him being a “nice guy” isn’t full-proof. Douchebags will definitely attempt this same move, but they are also usually doing a myriad of other things that identify themselves as a douchebag. One of the first instincts you will have when a douchebag is trying this trick is the immediate feeling of wanting them back and for your friends to save you. You will notice you do not mind how long the nice guy keeps your shades on. Listen to your instincts and remember The Theory of Rave Shades: the guy wearing your rave shades is the guy trying to make moves on you. Scientific fact.


Electric Vision is a company who has dedicated themselves entirely to EDM-inspired rave shades. I’ve tried out their sunglasses and they went over very well at shows. Funny, durable, and current to today’s music trends, check out their website below and use code “yourEDM” for 20% off any order. They are the masterminds behind the “SO HARD FOR HARDWELL” shades you might have already seen around. They have also made shades Armin Van Buuren, Fat Boy Slim, Steve Aoki, and Dada Life fans won’t be able to life without.