Whether you like Selena Gomez or not, you’ve probably heard the hook from “Come And Get It.” I know that when I first listened to this remix, I was like, “Wait, it’s that song?”

That’s part of the charm, though. And Selena actually does quite a nice job on the vocals, anwyay. It’s an infectious hook that stays in your head for days, so why not remix it?

The intro makes full use of that hook, putting Selena to work to provide some semblance of atmosphere before the sublimely characteristic drop from Monsters With Tiny Mustaches. The trap mix fits surprisingly well with the whole vibe of the track, as it provides this super bouncy and memorable bassline. The staccato rhythm tied in with the lead synth and 808s have all the trappings (see what I did there?) of a huge bass club banger.