Attention Dada Life and Aspire to Inspire fans, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting Olle from Dada Life on Aspire to Inspire Live Wednesday, February 18th. Unfortunately Stefan will be unable to join the live chat, as he will be traveling back home during this time. We want to take this series to the next level in 2015 so what better way to do it than to bring in the Dada?

To make this episode more interactive for all of you, Stefan and Olle want to hear YOUR questions. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Aspire to Inspire, our goal is to discuss the more personal parts of an individual’s story. This includes talking about what adversity he/she has overcome throughout life. Examples have included: dealing with the death of a loved one, addiction, coming out about one’s sexuality, career dilemmas, etc.. Therefore, we advise you to ask thoughtful questions that will spark answers about their personal rather than professional lives. Stefan and Olle will be choosing questions that they have never really been asked before.

We will conduct two (2) rounds of fan questions. The first round will be written. Send all questions to [email protected] by this coming Tuesday, February 10th at 8:00PM EST. Include “Aspire to Inspire: Dada Life Questions” in the subject line. These questions will be sent directly to Stefan and Olle, in which they will choose five (5) questions to answer in the preview article that will be released on Tuesday, February 17th. This preview article will outline what Olle plans to talk about in the live stream the next day. The second round of questions will be done throughout the live stream. Tweet #ATILive throughout the live stream on Wednesday, February 18th and one of Aspire to Inspire’s hosts will choose 2-3 questions for Olle to answer. [This will be restated in the preview article to remind all of you to send in questions throughout the stream].

Happy sending!