Skrillex is nothing if not insanely versatile; the world renowned producer keeps up a rigorous tour schedule as well as heading up multiple side projects like his record label, OWSLA, and the Nest HQ subscription service. While it certainly keeps him busy, it also exposes him to a metric ton of new music from all corners of the scene. And, fortunately for us, this leader of new school bass music figured out just what to do with it all.

For the last several months, Skrillex has been curating a series of playlists called Skrillex Selects. He’s showcased some stellar talent and the latest bundle of tunes, Skrillex Selects 2/2, does not disappoint. Two of the six tracks, BadKlaat‘s ‘Head Crush’ and Megalodon‘s ‘Danger Zone VIP’, are representative of where the sound he pioneered is today; the rest, however, are totally different. Sable lends two tracks to the playlist, both nostalgia infused indie-electronica tunes with a healthy dose of bass. Cause & Affect‘s ‘Get to the Chopper’ is a grimy, uptempo dance track reminiscent of Jack Beats. And to round it all off, Mark Johns croons a beautiful cover/remix of Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s ‘Ni**as in Paris’. Check the full playlist out after the jump and let us know what you think!

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