Following a recent report of high-strength UPS-labeled ecstasy pills hitting the British market, sadly, it has just been announced that 6 clubbers are currently hospitalized after having taken the pills. The pills are reportedly 3 times stronger than the average ecstasy pill, which in turn causes unknowing users to take much higher doses than expected. The hospitalization took place after the 6 individuals who attended a Portuguese DJ Rui Da Silva at Medicine Bar on Corporation Road, Middlesbrough, collapsed on Saturday night. The Cleveland Police released a picture of the drug as a warning to potential buyers and users, which can be viewed below. A spokesman accompanied the image with a warning:

“Police are warning young people of the dangers of taking MDMA tablets after six people were taken to hospital last night suffering from the effects of such tablets. The young people attended a Riff Raff function in the Medicine Bar in Middlesbrough last night and were later hospitalised having taken what is believed to have been a high strength form of MDMA (ecstasy) tablet marked with a ‘UPS’ logo.”

The Loop, a non-profit that focuses on drug awareness, posted the following message concerning the drug, which possibly originated from Switzerland:

“Please remember that MDMA is, in itself, a dangerous and potentially life-threatening drug and there have been several recent well documented fatalities caused by people taking high doses of MDMA.”

The drug is also apparently circulating in Manchester and Lancashire.

You can read the Loop’s entire message below: