Long time listeners of Trance will undoubtedly recognize the massively strengthened musical abilities of Thomas Datt, as his clean, futuristic sound has been an alternative outing for this looking for that classic, Pure Trance sound. This New York City native is an unusual artist whose puzzle piece doesn’t necessarily fit within the puzzle of artists of the international Trance community, as his illustrious mixture of clean, almost spotless Trance tiptoes between the elegant style of the present with the cutting edge style of tomorrow. Over time, his sound has been ranging from Deep Progressive to Psy Trance, but there has been one theme that has been consistent throughout his career, and that is the spark of energy and creativity that has continually pushed the proverbial envelope in textural stability and quality. In addition to his ever increasing curiosity in space-y Ambient music, (to which an entire album entitled Inside The Glacier was conceived), he has been relatively quiet on the production front, to which he only crafted a remix to Paul Oakenfold‘s remake of the iconic single of Touch Me by Cassandra Fox and an upcoming single entitled Across The Edge. However, his newest single entitled Prana Flow is promising to be one of his most full bodied works within his discography, and the clear, crisp quality that surrounds the track completely puts most Trance producers to shame. While some artists work for success in the clubs, Thomas Datt is a true visionary in his line of work, as his artistic finesse and bountiful reserves of quality craftsmanship work solely for the pinnacle of expertise with each of his singles. First unveiled in Planet Perfecto‘s We Are Planet Perfecto Vol. 4 mix compilation in September of last year, Prana Flow is finally unleashed as a full fledged single on Jordan Suckley‘s Tech induced Damaged Records.

Thomas‘ true stature is revealed as an artistic technician who gleefully blends together technology, music and a fervor for the sounds of the future within each of his gorgeously detailed productions, and Prana Flow coolly combines his loves of Trance and Ambient into a super stellar cut that promises to be much much more than your average Uplifter. Right from the get go, his luminous basslines sweep you off your feet with exceptional clarity as the precision based percussion sections add a fresh new edge to the fantastically fortified basslines. Slowly, Datt builds his expansive soundscape from the ground up, as intelligent textures take flight within the twisted confines of the multibodied orchestration that he’s placed forth. This track is walking a fine line between pure focused drive and warm, inviting musical tranquility, and the added touch of hearing an exhilarating production value is what really makes this track pop with flavor and power. As stated before, his real strength lies within the confines of Ambient music. and his breakdown of the track completely propels the piece forward into another dimension of aesthetic beauty and pride. The swirls and gusts of twinkling musical wind innocently glides among one’s face as the rush of melody and atmosphere gradually picks up speed and energy from the vast reserves of infinite possibility. With a final push into glitched out territory, Datt rolls forth with a wondrously beautiful melody that plays around with various texture effects as the sheer combination between gushing basslines, driven percussion sections and flowing pads all work together in a mass cobweb of multiplicity that seeks to unleash the inner being within the listener in pure scope and liberty.

Thomas Datt‘s newest single of Prana Flow is out now on Damaged Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


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