Welcome to another installment of our coveted Anthology Series here on Your EDM‘s Sunrise Sessions! While we here at Your EDM strive to present the finest in Progressive, Deep Progressive and Deep House each week, there are just some weeks where the option to choose just one track is too hard of a decision to make. The sheer amount of quality and craftsmanship in today’s scene has been steadily rising since we began this series, and as such, we need to accommodate our articles for these changing times. Therefore, we have decided that on certain weeks where the amount of tracks to choose from is nigh impossible, we will instead compile these tracks underneath one, single article in order to showcase the best that these underground genres have to offer. That isn’t to say we are permanently changing the format for this series; but rather, we will utilize this ‘Anthology Series‘ segment as needed. We still value our rigorous and tested tastes and want to keep choosing one track to be featured as a reward for all the hard work that the artist has accomplished with their project. This is just a little extra bonus that will occur at random for those that want to explore deeper into these subversive genres. As such, we will be featuring 6 different tracks this week both old and new in a variety of styles and colors. Read on below to discover our finest selections in our Anthology Series.



Deep House/Deep Progressive: Desaturate- Delusions (Original Mix) [E Sound Records]

Anyone who has some knowledge about Deep Progressive will know of the outstanding talents that power duo Progress Inn is truly capable of, as their streamlined singles and sublime remixes have been supported by the world’s finest such as Gai Barone, Airwave and Hernan Cattaneo. However, one half of this exhilarating team has decided to launch a solo project to discover his own way through music underneath his Desaturate guise, and his sole purpose for doing so is simply to “take listeners on a journey” [through music and beyond]. Janko Dragovic has since unveiled a fresh and funky sound that drips with class and solitude, and his express concern with diving into the rabbit hole of musical possibility has enlivened the Deep Progressive sound yet again with an air of finesse and expertise. For his first solo EP release, we chose the dark and murky Delusions to kick things off with a deep and brooding atmosphere that is constantly searching for purpose and reason, while also keeping things nice and rhythmic through a tribal-esque percussionary feel. The twinkling of bell chimes, engorging synth warps and random drum fills keeps things spooky and yearnful, while the change ups in the rhythmic section offers a nice reprieve from the dark and haunting melodic material. Finally, his atmospheric breakdown attempts to swallow the piece whole with subtle, yet all encompassing Deep House vibes before kicking it off once again with a sexy and intelligent groove.




Deep Progressive: Marcelo Vasami- Micro Diamonds (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) [Soundteller Records]

The Argentinian matador known as Marcelo Vasami has long been a favorite Deep Progressive artist of mine, and was one of the first artists that I heard when I was first breaking into the genre. I was in awe at this new and inspiring sound, and his remixes to tracks such as Casa Flava‘s Eterna, Ben Watt‘s Guinea Pig and Sigur RosVidrar Vel Til Loftarasa all contained a fresh and sexy sound that I simply couldn’t get enough of. However, there has been another artist that has been hot on my radar at the end of 2014 into 2015, and that is famed JOOF Recordings artist Rick Pier O’Neil, whose sublime mantra of unlocking the secrets to the unknown of musical possibilities has further grabbed my attention towards this esteemed genre. O’Neil has been on fire with huge Techno releases such as Rool Into The World, Dark Dancer and The Cave Of All Truths, as well as his upcoming collaboration with John 00 Fleming entitled The Devil’s Punchbowl. When I first saw both of these names on the same bill, I knew I was in for a treat, and the end result is nothing short of fantastic. In this remix to Marcelo Vasami‘s Micro Diamonds, Rick Pier O’Neil has shied away from his Techno alias and has opted for a more melodic and mournful remix that is more in line with Deep Progressive, which clearly shows his incredible versatility and broad range of abilities as an artist as well as a choice electronic music producer. In addition to clean cut basslines, perfectly situated nuances and and accompaniment that just sits right in the pocket, the melodic work is not only emotionally charged, but also contains that hidden element of insufferable human awakening that just isn’t present in many tracks created nowadays.




Prog Tech: Matan Caspi- Serenity (Original Mix) [Bonzai Music]

A master of electronic music that has one foot in Deep Progressive and the other in Tech House, the illuminating soundworld of Matan Caspi has unleashed a brand new style for artists and listeners alike to sink their teeth into, especially considering the sheer adaptability of his unique sound. Also mixed in with a substantial dose of Deep House, Prog and supreme connectivity with the pulsating grooves of his remarkable tracks, he is one of the most exciting producers at the moment who is carving a new prerogative for innovation and discovery. On the one hand, mixes such as his collab with Toad on Loving Me and his single of Aim To The Moon is heavily steeped in the Progressive side of his sound; but on the other hand, mixes such as his single of Hypnotizing Me and his collaboration with Roy Lebens on Enjoy The Noise, (which was featured on Stefano Noferini‘s Deeperfect record label on the ‘Street’s Stuff Vol. 8‘ mix compilation series), is well within the confines of Tech House with smatterings of Techno thrown in for good measure. In his newest single on Bonzai Music entitled Serenity, Matan combines ample amounts of Deep groove with certain subtleties that artists such as John 00 Fleming and Airwave would adore, and the marvelous atmosphere that he sets throughout the track really makes one think as they are dancing and swaying to the groove of the beat. The breakdown is glorious in its aesthetic design, and the fantastic lead up into the second release is enough to seriously ignite any party into the deep end of musical realization.




Progressive: Stan Arwell- Laconia (Ryo Nakamura Remix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]

The fantastic, creative minds over at Elliptical Sun Melodies have long been one of  my favorite labels when it comes to quality Progressive tunes, and we’ve covered their releases before with Danny Chen‘s superb remix to Solito‘s Javelin. However, their newest EP with Prog superstar Stan Arwell is proving to be one of their most effective releases as of late, as both the Original and the Ma5haria & Talamanca remixes storm through with a variety of sun drenched melodies well endowed within Progressive Trance. However, there has been a personal pull towards the Progressive tinged remix of Ryo Nakamura of Stan Arwell‘s Laconia, and the beach side vibes that accompany this remix is some of the finest for 2015, (and with good reason). While some may confuse him with Progressive legend Shingo Nakamura, Ryo is definitely a prolific producer on his own, and his rework of Laconia puts him in the limelight in terms of quality craftsmanship and class harmonic implementations. In his rendition, he ditches any semblance of Progressive Trance and instead pulls us deep within the confines of true Progressive as classic Prog rhythmic structures are underlain between a beaming melodic synth that shines like the warm sun; as the rush of blissful, euphoric emotions awash over the listener in pure ecstasy. A quality release to be sure, Ryo Nakamura smashes it out of the park with his amazing blend of heartfelt timbres and gripping, humanistic clarity of depth and atmosphere.




Progressive: Vitodito & Davide Catania ft. Alisa Villegas- Let It Go (Dub Mix) [Macarize]

To keep this Progressive kick that we have going on, we now introduce the always dependable Progressive artist named Vitodito to the center stage with his incredibly joyous melodies and keen sense of sublime, intricate orchestrations. We’ve covered Vitodito before with his singles of Salty and The Day Our Lives Turned, and he is personally one of my all time favorite Prog artists that currently exists in the scene. With class remixes such as Abaze‘s Florencia and Silence Groove & LaMeduza‘s Capture, (as well as stellar singles such as Set Sail and Light Up The World), he has become one of the most innovative leaders of Progressive in the current scene of affairs, and his magical Encanta label has been a boon in providing exceptional talent the push they need to hit it big. After the success of his remixes that were mentioned above, (which actually received airtime from Above & Beyond on their Group Therapy radio show), Vitodito returns to Macarize to unveil his newest collaboration with fellow artist Davide Catania, (with vocalist Alisa Villegas), with Let It Go, (with no affiliation with the movie Frozen). In this single, classic Yamaha synths are paired in a dreamy, twinkling backdrop as the onset of clockwork rhythms and flowing pads reach for the stars in an impressive breakdown and build up. Finally, it launches into a burst of sunshine with high flying synths glowing beneath a classic Prog melody as joyous, celebratory emotions are exuded from the mind of this great artist like warm rays of the sun hitting the skin in pure delight.



Breaks: Runa vs. In Progress- Saam (Under This Remix) [Expand Records]

To finish off the second edition of Sunrise SessionsAnthology Series installment, I thought the we would take a jaunt towards left field with a class Progressive Breaks remix of Runa vs. In ProgressSaam by Breaks specialists Under This. Under This is a joint project comprised of four individuals by the names of Dmitry Kondrashov, Sergey Dreling, Pavel Poplavsky and Kaspar Jezersky, and these four create incredibly powerful Breaks tracks in a genre that has long needed a group to shake things up. They have been long supported by many Trance artists who are willing to explore other genres than their own such as Will Atkinson, Paul Oakenfold, Simon Patterson, John Askew, and Bryan Kearney, and their mixture between tough, rocking beats, colossal, Psy based choons and soothing enticing melodic material have long showcased their exceptional versatility for the abnormal. In their latest remix, these four explore a genre known as Progressive Breaks, which is a softer, more harmonic genre that follows the basic formula for Breaks with an unusually rich and detailed atmosphere; perfect for our tastes here at Sunrise Sessions. Gaining influence from the constant crashing of waves over at Barents Sea, a tight beat and an alluring mixture between soothing Psy melodies and a combination o gracious vocals underlay a driving rhythmic section and a sinisterly complex arrangement that fit together like pieces in a puzzle. With a bit of Tribal influence thrown into the mix for good measure, Under This‘ offbeat vibes and rocking energy is enough to toughen up Progressive for a mixture between energetic power and tranquilizing musical colors.




Keep the music alive. -Q


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