“Wilhelm Scream” and “Limit To Your Love” have achieved cult status among electronic listeners, earning James Blake a special place in the libraries of most listeners. While his second album Overgrown did not achieve the same wide appeal as his first album, collaborations with legends Brian Eno and RZA, along with its complexities and the strength of its production kept Blake in the public eye that much longer.

His third album has been swimming around in the rumor-sphere for quite some time now, but if French radio station France Inter is to be believed, his newest album titled Radio Silence will hit shelves sometime next month.

The only new release from James Blake came last December as an odd amalgam of samples and synths, pushing a deconstructivist sound and breaking molds. Whether or not this is an indication of the direction of the new album is unknown, but we’re damn excited to find out.

james blake third album


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