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Having the privilege to delve into the lives of many interesting people through this platform has yielded stories of every genre. From life-threatening illnesses to addiction, poverty, creative blockades and so forth I have been resolved that no matter the circumstances, we are all just doing what we can with what we have at our disposal. In light of the commonly inconsiderable tide of the world that is an admirable characteristic in itself. So, when I got the chance to hear of the trials of a man who had to persevere family and financial hardship to manifest his dreams, the relatability of it all was a hook in my cheek from beginning to end. Today he is known as Henrix, the globetrotting producer with releases on SIZE, Mixmash, and Cr2. As with any story though, the juice has to be squeezed before you can sit back and enjoy a glass.

Although he grew up and has spent most of his life in Miami, his family originally came from Brazil. While we in the states commonly associate this postcard vacation spot with good times and white sand beaches, it can be a tough place to raise children primarily in terms of education. His parents wanted the best for him and his younger brother, but in order to receive a good education in Brazil you would typically need to be enrolled in a private school, which is not a cheap endeavor. So, with his family in mind, Henrix’s father set his sights on Miami. Upon arrival, he was able to find a job and establish a foundation upon which his family could start a new life. At the ripe age of five, he and his family were exposed to the cultural hot bed that is Miami, Florida.

In no time the fast-paced lifestyle of the city swept him off his feet like the rollercoaster that it is. Music was a big part of his day-to-day routine, but the Miami scene was not as heavily influenced by EDM back then as we know it to be today. At home he was raised on Classic Rock and the music of his native Brazil, while much of the clubs were focused on Hip-Hop artists of the time. However, that is not to say that EDM did not have a following there. Larger acts along the lines of Tiësto and names of that caliber would make appearances on the Bay from time to time, but as far as Dance Music was concerned the focus was on the underground artists. The Florida crowd seemed to follow this pattern until around 2008 when the mass focus shifted from Hip-Hop to EDM and with it came a shift of circumstance in the Henrix home.

Growing up, his favorite activities involved playing sports. Primarily focusing on soccer and basketball, the dream of making it to the NBA was what he was shooting for, but when he stopped growing in High School his focus took a turn down a more musical avenue. It was around this time that things got harder for him and his family and they were left with no other option but to move back to Brazil and re-think their next move as a family. After staying with his grandparents for a year, circumstances did not get any easier, but they managed to make it back to the states for another go at a better life. The move proved to be a strain on his parent’s relationship and resulted in their separation after twenty years. While their father never stopped supporting his children, Henrix needed to step up as a role model for his younger brother, who was entering High School when he ultimately moved back to Brazil. A hard task for anyone in their 20’s, but this only fueled the fire to turn a negative into a positive. He reflects on the time now stating, “…juggling a full-time job, still hustling and trying to make it as an artist was a hard time in my life but I’m glad I went through all that. I had to do what I had to do.”

Now all this considered, it is not as though he had it easy when he wanted to begin producing. With no money for proper equipment, he used computer speakers as monitors for his initial years of making music. The struggle was real, but as he had done for them in hard times, his family pooled their efforts one Christmas to give him the equipment that would take him to the next level. The gift was the first domino to fall in favor of his music career and prompted a shift in focus for him. He stopped working and accepted help from his parents for a short period until his focused efforts paid off.

With the release of “Hit It”, a collaboration between himself, GTA, and Digital Lab, Henrix had officially arrived to the ears of the masses. Immediately the tune was picked up and played out by respected names of the scene and reached the nosebleed section of Beatport’s chart. Shortly after successful shows in his hometown for WMC, he was offered a supporting slot on “The Grid Tour” alongside Dyro and Bassjackers. Just like that he was playing around the world and living a life that was just a dream not so long ago.

With such a quick rise it would seem easy for someone to lose sight of who they are while trying to maintain relativity on new ground, but that’s not what he has in mind. “I think my biggest fear is not being true to myself and making music just because that’s what is popular. I’m not saying that what is popular now isn’t good music, but if I’m going to make it, I want to do it for me and not someone else. I want to make it because I like it.” Without the fear of not fitting into the mold of what may be expected of you, it leaves you free to burst that bubble and fulfill the expectations you always had for yourself. While this life journey has bumps at times, the way we form that unwavering sense of self is by embracing who we are and cherishing those around us who are always along for the ride.

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