The instrumental of this track has been making people go mental for months now. Andy C has been rinsing it repeatedly and calls it “one of the most in demand tracks I’ve ever played!”

Enlisting the services of Bryn Christopher, who made his mark with I See Monstas, “City Lights” has the potential to become an absolute timeless classic. Culture Shock already has a handful of collaborations and originals of his own merit that have brought him to the pinnacle of drum n bass, in a style characterized by Sigma and Brookes Brothers. However, “City Lights” is just one of those tracks that screams classic. You don’t know exactly what it is – perhaps it’s the staccato, deep bass synths; or maybe it’s the repetitive, entrancing vocals from Bryn; maybe it’s the hypnotizing drums – but you know that you’re going to be hearing this in sets constantly this year and in years to come.

“City Lights” premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show tonight in the UK, but Your EDM has the exclusive stream for you all here in the states. Check it out below, and grab a copy of Culture Shock’s latest singles, Raindrops / Troglodyte VIP.