After Rainman’s departure from Krewella last year, and the ensuing sh*t show that followed, the Yousaf sisters have been very quiet after their cheeky breakup song, “Say Goodbye” hit the interweb a few months ago. Now, they’ve returned to announce that their brand new single, “Somewhere To Run” will be available March 23rd on Columbia Records. One of the biggest rumors swirling about since the group’s split is that Rainman was the one behind almost all of the production in the Krewella project and that the sisters just handled the vocals and stage presence. Without any basis in fact, we can’t and won’t take sides on this; but it’s obvious that the Yousaf Sisters (and Rainman) have quite a bit to prove to the EDM community with these new projects, and we hope they can deliver. Check this space out next week and see for yourself what’s up with the new Krewella.