You can go ahead and add another notch to Deadmau5’s belt as the Canadian artist just secured a Platinum award for his collaboration with Colleen D’Agostino, ‘Seeya’.

‘Seeya’ is one of Deadmau5’s better collaborations and as the mouse continues to evolve his sound, fans seem to be fully supportive. The track is a funky yet sexy melody that captures the emotions and hits you right in the feels. Deadmau5 has always been notorious for picking fantastic vocalists to pair with his music and ‘Seeya’ is a perfect testament to that fact.

Already sporting over 2.7 million plays on Youtube, ‘Seeya’ was easily one of the top tracks of 2014. Congratulations to Deadmau5 and Colleen D’Agostino for going Platinum and you can relive the track below:


Image Source: Rukes