About two months ago, we did a write up on this brand new duo Foreign & Domestic. Their remix of Chet Faker‘s “Talk is Cheap” had us hooked instantly, and as the weeks went by they populated their Soundcloud with more remixes, as well as a mind-blowing mix full of unreleased tunes.

I received an email from them last week, a quick one-liner thanking us for the support and asking us to exclusively premiere their two new tracks. Of course I immediately responded, hoping they would provide some insight on the group – their origins, any viable shred of intel about who they were – but they dodged every question I asked. They “exist” on social media, but everything is all about the music; there’s no information about who Foreign & Domestic actually are. They even stripped all their old music off of Soundcloud, including the mix of all their unreleased tracks, which has only heightened my curiosity even more over the past few days. I will say this: whoever this duo is, they seem connected. People in the industry are definitely supporting them, as evidenced by the fact that Dim Mak featured their remix of Childish Gambino‘s “Do Ya Like” on #FreeFriday just a few weeks ago. Immediately, I want to jump to the conclusion that this could be the start of a new side project from the mega-label making its debut for festival season à la Dog Blood, but some of their originals are also in recent Amine Edge & DANCE sets, so now I’m back to square one, making this a giant game of “Guess Who?”

For now, I’ll leave you with these two Your EDM exclusives, which are also free downloads: a bootleg of Kanye West‘s “All Day,” and the other a bootleg of Rye Rye‘s “Bang” ft. M.I.A. Both are slick house tunes that skew towards the realm of G-House, which only serves to thicken the plot behind their identity. But when Foreign & Domestic finally reveal themselves, we’ll be ready.