To close the first day of Ultra Music Festival we present you with a video of a rather rare sight. A slight technical hiccup caused Tiesto’s closing performance to be interrupted by a few seconds of silence to an audience of hundreds of thousands, both online and present at the event. Now in and of itself this isn’t really that note worthy but what followed is. After recuperating from the small mishap, Tiesto decided to take the mic and exclaimed:

“So as you guys can hear, I never do a premix. It’s all live.”

Tiesto was making a statement to all of his haters that he does in fact DJ his sets live. Being one of the world’s largest DJ’s, Tiesto has been battling the ongoing onslaught of internet hate that comes with being one of the top dogs. Although we are unclear why Tiesto chose moments after his technical difficulties to announce that he doesn’t premix, we are sure we will find out why soon enough.

You can check out the video of it below:

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