Camp Bisco‘s planned return for 2015, which was slated with a lineup purported to attract an older audience, has been stopped dead in its tracks.

Despite receiving permits from state officials, locals look less kindly on the festival which was previously known for extremely lax drug policies and was shut down in 2014 as a result. “Camp Bisco’s previous organizers even attempted to prevent deputies from entering the property at the 2013 festival after a staff member died of a presumed drug overdose before the first band had even taken the stage” according to the Daily Gazette.

The festival which derives its name from the legacy headlining act, the Disco Biscuits, is now being pressured to change its name and resubmit their application, “but it must include a contractual agreement with law enforcement agencies to provide at least 20 officers assigned to traffic control and 50 officers stationed throughout the grounds 24 hours a day, as well as drug-sniffing dogs at entrance gates and throughout the property.”

These extensive measures are sure to accompany an older crowd, as intended. Although the lineup will remain a mystery until confirmation for the festival is finalized, owner Ken Hays assures that the Disco Biscuits will remain the centerpiece of the event and it will take place on July 16-18th, provided proper authorization.

H/T Daily Gazette