For the next Shifting the Spotlight, Your EDM is proud to introduce Lupe Fuentes. If she isn’t already on your radar, you can bet that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Fuentes in the coming months. Already in 2015, this Colombian underground house guru has started her own record label “In The Loop,” threw down four sets in Miami for Miami Music Week, and has been working hard to follow her musical journey. Check out her interview below to hear what advice she has to give to aspiring artists, who her musical inspirations are, and more about Lupe Fuentes!

What is your favorite track that YOU have produced?

My favorite track is always the latest I produced. First off,  because of course it’s the newest so it’s the one that I am most excited about,  and second, because I am always learning new things as a producer and growing as an artist, so every time I try something new I like to see it come to life in the track. I’m constantly experimenting with new sounds and plugins, and working with different vocalists, so each track has its own personality.  My first release on my own label, (IN THE LOOP) is called “Let it Feel Alright.”  I really love this song in particular because it is one of those tracks that just sounds like me! The way the bass flows, the dark melody, and the hypnotic vocal. A lot of people say my tracks sound dark, but I find them uplifting.

Think of the term “Music Icon”, what name immediately pops in your head?

John Lennon.  I mean almost everyone loves The Beatles and I’m not going to sit here and talk about how great they were -we all know that. I find John Lennon inspiring as an artist and an icon because of his activism for peace and his positive message.  Not a lot of artists step outside of their own selfish lives to give something back, or, in his case, try and change the world using his powerful music that touched people deeply as a vehicle to spread love.

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring female DJ/producers?

The best piece of advice I can give an aspiring female DJ/ Producer is the same advice I would give to anyone. You have to be yourself. Life, Music, and Art are about finding your own path, your own sound, your own identity, building your brand. Since we are in a boy’s club, if you are a female, you do not have to make yourself genderless to be accepted. We ARE females, we are human beings, we are artists!

The word “female DJ” should not mean something weaker or negative. It is odd to me, and sad, that in our society, people think it is “ok” to separate a female DJ from a male DJ but not black DJ from white DJ , or fat DJ from skinny DJ, or rich DJ from poor DJ, or gay DJ from Straight DJ, or Asian DJ from Latin DJ. We should all be judged by the music we create, or spin, rather than our gender, race, age, or anything else. Music is about freedom of expression, regardless who you are, or where you come from. That is what makes music so powerful. Music breaks all the chains of society, so let’s not make an exception in the dance music scene; this change must start from each one of us! One more piece of advice I would give to ANY artist, is to be true to what you love and be authentic. Do NOT make music because you think it will be popular, or make you rich or famous. Make the music that moves your soul.

If you could collab with any historical musical figure, who would it be? Why?

So many people have asked me this question, and I seem to always come up with the same answer. Growing up in my house, my mom used to play old Celia Cruz records and they always really spoke to me at a very deep level. If you listen to my music, you can hear A LOT of Latin undertones and percussion.  Growing up, Celia Cruz was one of my biggest inspirations and music icons, her vocals were so real it really makes you feel something, so if I would have the wish of working with any artist of any time period, it would be the queen, Celia Cruz! I remember listening to live versions of her and Tito Puenteand that was just pure soul … so powerful!

When you’re preparing to perform, do you need to psych up or calm down?  How do you do it?

I definitely need to CALM DOWN! I get myself all excited and even worked up to the point of anxiety. It is a good and bad feeling at the very same time. Once I get on the decks I forget everything, but right before, I feel like I am going to throw up.

What is your greatest regret as an artist?

I have to say that I don’t have any regrets as an artist.  I am a firm believer that I had to do everything I have done in the past to get where I am today… meaning on this path. Every step of my journey has been an incredible learning experience for me and without any of these valuable steps, I may have ended up on a different path, and I would not have developed as much as a producer, a DJ and an artist!
Anyway, as someone who truly loves what I do, I still have a lot to learn and will continue to learn and grow. The things we go through, good and bad, help to shape our character, so NO regrets!

Hiking in the Rockies or sunning in Cabo?

Both, and I do both as often as possible. I never like to stand still. I like to do many things in a day, and hiking, and the beach are two of my favorites! Look in my instagram, there are always tons of hiking photos!

Beer, wine, daquiri, bloody mary, whisky & coke, or water?

Fiji Water – I do NOT drink Alcohol!