As dance music slowly but surely grows to become the pop music of this generation, up-and-coming artists in this day and age have an advantage compared to older producers, now that there are more channels than ever to get your music heard. Just five years ago, while tastemaking blogs and music channels were just starting to grow, mash ups were an extremely popular form of dance music that connected with high schoolers and college students. Artists like Kap Slap, 3LAU, and 5 & A Dime were able to cross over from popular mash up DJs to become full-fledged dance music producers, and they haven’t looked back since.

Philly-based producer, 5 & A Dime, has only recently moved from making mash-ups into original productions, and he already has a lot to show for it. His last track, “Pipes,” was heard by hundreds of thousands of Ultra attendees, as DJ Snake dropped it on the main stage for all to hear. His latest offering, “Wild,” is a high-energy electro house banger at its finest. Layering together building synth stabs and pounding kick drums, 5 & A Dime builds up anticipation before exploding in a flurry of booming drops and snarling kicks. “Wild” is up for a free download, so there’s no reason not to have this gem in your library.