“Jazz Cat Funk” … even the name elicits this very specific image in your head; the cover art certainly does a great job of bringing that visualization to life. The music does it even better. The original crafted by RIOT gets the royal treatment with four official remixes, a VIP, and three remixes from their remix contest.

In terms of genre, you’ve got everything you could ask for, from glitch hop to electrohouse to DnB and dubstep. Massive, massive remixes from the likes of TerravitaSecret Panda SocietySirensCeol and more grace this 8-track EP full of various versions of the same track. The truly glorious part is that they’re all phenomenally different so that they don’t sound too repetitive.

As much as I absolutely love Terravita and everything they do, my favorite on this release has got to be the False Panic remix, one of the remix contest winners.

Purchase Jazz Cat Funk (The Remixes) here.