Here is a new system from the creators of DUBS acoustic filters that you’ve probably seen at your favorite music festival. It is a set of earbuds that is doing something that no other device has ever done before – it basically lets you control how you hear your environment.

Here is a complex combination of drivers, microphones and speakers that allows you to curate your environment to fit your needs and preferences (at least as far as audio goes). Not only can you control the volume of the world around you, you can EQ it and even phase out particular sounds like crying babies or the hum of a plane engine.

how it works - here

Doppler Labs, the creators of Here, want to emphasize that “Here is not a headphone, is not a bluetooth, is not a hearing aid,” it is so much more.

The Here Active Listening System is designed for live listening environments, and is optimized for targeted, episodic use in live scenarios (e.g. concerts, stadiums, flights) where you can control and curate what’s happening in real time. Put simply, earbuds are for listening to recorded audio. Here buds are for engaging with real world sound.

In creating a system that can manipulate real world sound, Doppler Labs enlisted the help of legendary composer Hans Zimmer.

Learn more about the vast technological innovations found inside a pair of Here buds via their Kickstarter page below.