The Guinness World Records company announces thousands of new additions and broken records every year. With a constant changing of hands as of late, they may have to reserve a few more pages for DJing. This recent surplus comes as an attempt to repeatedly one-up the reigning ‘Marathon Club DJ‘ world champion.

It all started in 2011 when renowned DJ ‘Smokin’ Joe Mekhael publicly announced his desire to outdo the previous record holder: DJ King. Smokin Joe easily surpassed the record with an astounding 132-hour set, only to find out that a longer set was in the process of being officially validated. The public exposure caught the attention of DJs worldwide, however, as Brisbane’s DJ Hertz raised the bar to 152 hours in 2012. As a result of this media fad, Smokin Joe felt obliged to reclaim the spotlight, and subsequently overtook the title with a relentless 168 hour live set. How can someone stand behind the decks for so long? Hold your questions until the end of class kids, as it gets even crazier.

Enter Irish DJ Norbert Selmaj. Known by his moniker DJ Norberto Loco, this tenacious spin-artist put everyone to shame with a 200 hour DJ set…TWO HUNDRED CONSECUTIVE HOURS. From November 19th to the 27th, the Irishman slew multiple crowds in Dublin at The Underground Temple Bar. We’re all probably thinking the same thing. How did he eat, or go to the bathroom? While the official Guinness website doesn’t elaborate too much, it does state that he endured a power outage and somehow kept playing, so you go Norberto Loco.


H/T: InTheMix