On the eve of his set at the famed Governor’s Ball in New York City, Flume shared personal opinions regarding his style and the direction of his second album. While this may not come as a surprise, he doesn’t really classify his tracks as dance music.

In an interview with The Guardian, he stated, “I don’t think I make dance music. It’s not even 4/4. And it’s slow. When it first started happening and I saw people dancing to it I was like, what the f*ck? The music I was making for people not to dance to was the one they were dancing to.” [emphasis added] His style is obviously original, and this is a core reason to his success as one of the most acclaimed artists in EDM. A Sydney-native, Flume is the pride and joy of Australia’s influential electronic movement, spearheading future classic., and has utterly changed the game with his jazzy beats and orgasm-inducing flair. Speaking of orgasms, he continued on about his second album in surprisingly explicit detail.

Flume is looking to adhere to a direction of more “downtempo, cinematic, really moving pieces, but with the energy of EDM.” This combination may sound like an electronic music lover’s dream come true, but his next comment reminded me of the dangers of our beloved genre. “It’s not as easy as you think because when you add energy you take away melody.” With the likes of him, we usually don’t have too much reason to worry, but I can’t imagine a Flume album with an aversion to melody.

Regardless of this unreasonable paranoia, it’s hard to contain my excitement for this upcoming Flume album. Certain artists showcase a completely original style that influences countless other producers and genres, and these path-weavers are becoming rarer and rarer as the EDM bubble carries on.


H/T: The Guardian