“We’re trying to make songs that can go past what EDM is right now.”

The newly minted Billboard Dance has a recurring program titled “Beyond The Beats” that showcases special artists and their contributions behind the scenes and the dedication to their craft. For the third episode, Billboard focuses on Krewella and their evolution from DJs, to singing live, to incorporating live instruments into their sets.

The Yousaf sisters that make up the current Krewella have lived together their entire lives, or in another way, have never lived apart. From their childhood in Texas to their new home in Los Angeles, their bond has been forged by countless hours of practice and success – as well as failure – and it has all led them to where they are now.

Following the media circus that followed their debut live performance at UMF2015, Krewella took their live set to EDCNY where, not surprisingly, the media had nothing bad to say.

Krewella brings their live set next to EDCLV, but you can catch them at Wet Republic on Thursday the 18th, as well.
Image via Rukes