Even looking past the corruption and scandal over the past two weeks, soccer is still “The Beautiful Game.” Preparations are well under way as European nations vie for a spot to compete in next year’s Euro 2016 tournament. France has the honor of hosting this year’s tournament, and have asked native countryman David Guetta to produce Euro 2016’s anthem.

It’s an incredible honor for anyone to be asked to create the theme song for an international tournament, as the song is played before every game, as well as in promo videos leading up to the event. Not only will Guetta perform the song at the opening ceremony, but UEFA (the European soccer association under FIFA) has also asked him to help oversee all musical aspects of the tournament, right down to the music played in stadiums before each match.

I’m sure many of you are wondering why France couldn’t have asked Daft Punk or Madeon to help out, but UEFA president Michel Platini believes that David Guetta’s crossover success makes him a more regonizable name in dance music than his fellow countrymen. Still, what a riot it would have been to see that opening ceremony number from our favorite helmet wearing DJs…


Source: Music Week