Kaffe Matthews, a sound artist based in England, has created a technologically innovative bed focused on heightened relaxation and immersion through the inclusion of a surround sound speaker system right in the frame. These “Sonic Beds” are built with a frame extending upward from the sides of bed, surrounding its users in a box loaded with a 12 channel speaker system.

Sleepers are able to place themselves directly over the vibrational patterns emitted by the sound, allowing them to receive a slight sonic massage while they listen. Although the beds are not currently planned to be commercially released, the technology doesn’t seem like too far of a leap for our near future. Maybe soon we’ll all able to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of RL Grime. . . or however you guys do it.

Watch the Sonic Bed in action below:

Sonic Bed – Kaffe Matthews from Avatar on Vimeo.