Revolutionary deep house producer Bobby Nourmand has just released his latest in a series of boundary-breaking tracks. Titled “B E C A U S E,” this original release follows the rest of his catalogue with a dark, brooding, atmospheric approach to deep house. This time, however, he centered his musical stylings around the Beatles’ classic hit of the same name. Giving a unique and passionate spin on the work of a group like the Beatles is not an easy task by any means. Bobby Nourmand is able to transport the listener into a new environment using the vocals, however, and do the original justice.

The track begins with the famous guitar line from “Because,” which slowly crawls its way to the front of the mix. A light and non-invasive kick enters the picture alongside airy wisps of synth and pulsating percussion. The guitar remains in┬ádirect focus underneath the vocals as a light sub rattles underneath. Suddenly, everything familiar disappears as arpeggiated blips and tones echo around the sonic space. Scrapes and snaps litter the top end, and the vocals are eventually warped to fit Nourmand’s own personality. The song continues to evolve and layer over itself until its close.

Take a listen to the track below, and grab your free download here.