Just like OG Maco’s “U Guessed It,” Silento’s “Watch Me” is on track to be the track of the season (if it isn’t already). Certain tracks just bleed virality, like Baauer’s “Harlem Shake,” and artists recently have been capitalizing on these extremely popular one-off tracks to gain enough momentum to present their other tracks.

LA-duo A Boy & A Girl have taken it upon themselves to capitalize on Silento’s original with a “LiT AF” bootleg which is sure to decimate dance floors.

The intro follows pretty closely along with the original until the absolute massive drop when the bpm drops like panties at a One Direction concert. Vocal chops and a minimalist topline on top of a downright filthy bassline makes for the perfect bootleg recipe.

Be sure to head here for your free download.

Along with the track, you can head over to A Boy & A Girl’s Facebook page to watch a video with Vaski, Reid Speed, Goshfather & Jinco, Sam F, Gummy, Ghastly, Prismo, B-sides, Ookay and others all doing the whip.