Secret Panda Society created one of my favorite progressive house releases of the year with “Not Enough.” It’s a bright and poetic tune that is both vibrant and eclectic, perfect for the dancefloor.

Not ones to get lost in a single genre, however, SPS just the other day dropped this awesome drum & bass remix of Mapps’s “Ataraxia” featuring Josh Rubin. Though SPS hails from the DC area, this track has UK written all over it. Iconic synths and a smooth and sultry liquid bassline roll through the speakers like a hot knife through butter.

The remix takes the definite chill nature of the original, but pumps the energy up with as much finesse as you can possibly have when operating at 174 bpm. You might want to listen to other tracks, but I bet you’ll find yourself unable to break away from this instant classic.

Download your own copy for free here.