In today’s day and age, it’s hard for most of us to imagine even a full day with zero access to electronics. I know I wouldn’t make it, as my entire job revolves around me using the internet and a computer. But we’ve all been there: somewhere during travel you end up with a charged computer but no WiFi. Or you’re at a festival with no service, a dead phone, and no way to get power. Sure you can bring along chargers, external battery packs, and extra batteries to compensate, but do you really want to be carrying a handful of clunky objects and cords around? This is where the iBackPack comes in.

backpack - youredm

The iBackPack isn’t your grandmother’s fanny pack; it’s loaded with more advanced technology than a car’s dashboard. I can 100% guarantee that it’s the ULTIMATE festival bag. Contained within the bag are multiple USB charging ports with retractable cords so you and friends can power up. These are run by internal battery packs, which have been designed to hold a charge longer than your average battery. ON TOP OF THIS, the iBackPack plans to incorporate a wireless charging pad which will be able to wirelessly charge all the internal components of the bag. The best part? These can all be recharged from integrated solar panels, so you never have to worry about empty batteries again. While you’re baking in the hot sun, dancing away to your favorite DJ, your bag will be hard at work, charging all your electronics.

Some of you are probably thinking, “I’ve seen a backpack with chargers in it before, this really isn’t a big deal.” But you couldn’t be more wrong; the mobile charging hub is only a fraction of what this bag is capable of doing. While you’re outside relaxing and charging your phone, why not browse the internet? Sure you can do it on your tiny phone screen, but why not do it on a full-sized laptop with full 4G connection speeds? That’s right, this backpack also has a built-in WiFi hotspot capable of delivering 3G & 4G speeds for up to SIX people. SIX. Not happy about the WiFi in the media tent? Or not happy with the fact that festival grounds rarely have functioning phone service? Power up the hotspot and text / browse away faster than anyone else around you. And while you’re roaming the festival grounds, trying to find the next set, why not listen to some tunes? The iBackPack sports Bluetooth speakers that can pair with multiple devices, allowing you and friends to hear what you want where ever you go.

Now let’s say things get a little out of hand and you end up forgetting where you left your backpack. Sure you might be able to find it, but it’s pretty much pure luck and a guessing game at that point. Owners of the iBackPack won’t have this problem, as the bag contains a GPS unit inside that can be traced through the bag’s unique iOS / Android app. Simply log in to your account (or give your information to a family member,) and the bag’s location will immediately be determined. This will come in handy for those who are constantly outdoors, as it can alert officials and family members of your location at all times.

In addition to all this technology, the iBackPack can fit everything that you would carry around in a standard backpack. Laptops with screens up to 15.6″, tablets, media players, and books can all fit inside. Block out dust and rain (because we all know festival grounds aren’t exactly the cleanest places around) with its lightweight, water-resistant exterior, full metal zippers, and a high quality plastic buckling system. Padded straps ensure that weight will be evenly distributed on the wearer, resulting in all-day comfort. As you can probably tell, all the tech you could want in a backpack is included. Now the creators just need your help to make the iBackPack reality. Check out their Indiegogo HERE. With over 180,000 Facebook likes and over $17,000 raised in the first 4 hours, it seems like this could really happen. Check out the video below and head to their Facebook to keep up to date!

After writing this, I realized it might have sounded like a paid ad. But I swear to you it’s not; I’m just really f***ing excited for this backpack. I honestly haven’t been this excited for a backpack since back to school shopping in 1st grade when I got to pick out a Spiderman bag. And as legit as my Spiderman backpack was, I’m going to say that the iBackPack will take the cake…and my wallet.

Check out their website for more info and again click HERE for their Indiegogo page to get yourself an iBackPack!