It’s no secret that a good song has the power to uplift spirits and speak to us in ways that language simply can’t. Now, according to a new study, music has been found to effectively lower pain levels and reduce the amount of medication required for patients to remain comfortable.

“Music is a non-invasive, safe and cheap intervention that should be available to everyone undergoing surgery.” – Dr. Catherine Meads, Brunel University

This research, conducted by Brunel University and Queen Mary University of London, utilized data gathered from over 7,000 patients to compare music with standard care practices, and other interventions like massages. The next phase of research will ask patients of The Royal London Hospital to select a playlist to be played via speakers in their pillows before their operation.

Interestingly enough, UK surgeons have also been warned against playing drum & bass during operations. In a study of 20 surgeries, the particular genre was found to counter effective communication and prompted medics to repeat requests, potentially risking patient safety. Still, with music being played during 70% of surgeries throughout the world, we’ll just have to trust in our doctor’s musical tastes.


H/T Factmag