Breathing life back into moombah is dance music’s resident comedian, Dillon Francis. After slaughtering minds on a relentless festival tour this summer, he’s finally released the long awaited This Mixtape Is Fire EP, showing the world that sautéed latin beats are here to stay as a main stage weapon.

This Mixtape Is Fire is more than just simmering coals. Including the likes of Skrillex, Chromeo, Kygo, Calvin Harris, and Bro Safari, the release is ripe for heat related puns. And if it’s any indication of quality, the EP shot to the #1 spot on iTunes dance charts within the first hour of its release…

Although “What’s Your Name” with Calvin Harris is lacking any noticeable influence from the Scottish superstar, the EP’s collaborators all have a decided hand in their respective tracks, uniquely twisting Francis’ production. “Bun Up The Dance” is a Doompy Poompish camel charger; the Kygo collaboration evokes a similar sensation to Dillon’s work with TEED on “Without You”; and Chromeo spewed their brain matter all over “Lies.” Despite having played nearly all these tracks in his sets over the year, it’s oh-so-splendid to finally have our hands on Dillon’s latest.

Though it certainly spans genres, This Mixtape Is Fire makes leaps and bounds for all of moombhaton, offering a refreshing collection of rhythms to get us gyrating just right. Go ahead and grab the EP for yourself now via iTunes.